department of Internal Medicine


Dr. Anand Kumar M.B.B.S established the department of Internal Medicine in 1988. Since then, Dr. Sohan Lal Clinic offers an integrated ‘Polyclinic’ healthcare facility.

Dr. Anand Kumar as a General Physician is well trained to treat patients suffering from various medical speciality diseases. His broad training allows him expertise in diagnosing and managing diseases affecting various systems of body. He uses diagnostic test logically, safely and cost- effectively to investigate various diseases, to provide best treatment options to patients for better health. He has a sound knowledge about various complex drug reactions, including new protocols of treatments with special training for research and report analysis.

Dr. Anand Kumar is committed to provide the best healthcare services to promote general health. He provides outpatient and inpatients services for various communicable and non communicable diseases.

At Dr. Sohan Lal Clinic, he provides comprehensive primary care services to his O.P.D. patients along with providing care to the hospitalized patients suffering from broad range of ailments. His vast Clinical experience helps him to manage chronic health conditions and to treat acute illness. He is skilled in managing patients who are suffering from undifferentiated or multi- system diseases.

Dr. Anand Kumar provides hospitalization to his critical patients at Sadashya Super Speciality Hospital. His training helps him to handle any situation with the best diagnostics and treatment protocols.The Sadashya Super Spaciality Hospital at Gorakhpur is the innovative dream project of its founder Dr. Sohan Lal.

                         PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE

Dr. Anand Kumar counsels his patients to stay aware of various health illnesses and informs them about various complications of a particular disease. He extends his services to create awareness in prevention of various diseases, and how to live a healthy and productive life.   

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