We are serving the Nation for last 87 years through our medical services. We offer two modes of medical treatment via Homeopathy and Allopathy.

Past Two Generations were Pioneers in Homeopathy. DR. SOHAN LAL was a BRAND because of his "Devine" healing powers. When the 3rd greneration Dr. Anand Kumar became a part of the prestigious clinic, an ALLOPATHIC DEPARTMENT of GENERAL MEDICINE also became functional in the clinic. As a part of Tradition, and to preserve our Great Legacy, there are two specialities HOMEOPATHY & ALLOPATHY giving its services in the clinic. 

This historical clinic was established during pre independence of India on 16 august 1933. We feel proud that we are serving the nation for the last 87 years through our medical services.

We are located in the Eastern part of Uttar Pradesh, where the people have a Low Social Economic Status. Our primary aim is to provide Cost Effective Medical Services to all.

We provide medical services to the large region of eastern uttar Pradesh, neighboring state bihar and neighboring country Nepal. In this vast population of parents many belongs to low social economic states and they need cost effective treatment.

In the years 1998, the third generation DR. ANAND KUMAR joined the prestigious clime and he established the department of medicine.

Dr. Sohan Lal clinic under the leadership of DR. ANAND KUMAR is Committed to preserve their great.

Homeopathy is very popular in this region because :

  •  INCREASE IMMUNITY- (Protection in CORONA Epidemic)