Dr. Shiv Ratan Lal was the founder of the department of Homeopathy during the Pre-Independence of India. 

Dr. Sohan Lal’s revolutionary efforts to provide holistic quality healthcare services to the economically weaker sections of the society made him a doctor of “masses” and him  a ''Brand'' and an Icon of Homeopathy. The extensive four decades works of Dr. Sohan Lal's clinical experience has been archived as case studies for future references. The past two generations of doctors were pioneers in the field of Homeopathy.

 Dr. Anand Kumar,the third generation in the year 1998 joined the prestigious clinic as a medical consultant and he established the Department of Internal Medicine. Since then the clinic offers the advantage of integrated medical services in a “POLYCLINIC” set up provided by a Department of Homeopathy and by a Department of Internal Medicine. Dr. Anand Kumar had the privilege to work as an apprentice to his father Dr. Sohan Lal, where he honed his professional skills.

Dr. Anand Kumar as the Proprietor of Dr. Sohan Lal Clinic is committed to preserve his great legacy and to carry forward the Noble Tradition Of Service, Devotion and Trust.

 Dr. Anand Kumar provides unparalled spectrum of preventive and diagnostic treatment to patients of all age groups.As a medical consultant he is skilled in managing patients who are suffering from Acute or Chronic multi–system diseases. The Polyclinic is believed to be one of the best and is an established leader in medical service with multiple achievements and peoples accreditations to its name for its high success rate in treatment and being globally affordable.

What sets us apart as the best POLYCLINIC is that Dr. Sohan Lal Clinic is accredited by:

  1. 3 Generations of reputed doctors.   
  2. 88 Years of clinical experience.
  3. 6 Million satisfied patients.
  4. A Brand–highly trusted.
  5. Holistic Quality Treatment.

Dr. Sohan Lal Clinic under the leadership of Dr. Anand Kumar is a regional hub for medical services to the vast geographical region of eastern Uttar Pradesh, neighbouring state Bihar and neighbouring country Nepal. In this large population of patients, many are from the weaker sections of the society and they hope for affordable treatment. Homeopathy is their first choice because:

  1. SAFE and HEALTHY – No side effects
  2. RAPID DESPONSE with permanent cure.
  3. INCREASE IMMUNITY – less prone to diseases
  5. HIGH SUCCESS RATE – In acute renouncing diseases and in chronic diseases.



In Dr.Sohan Lal Clinic,we have patients suffering from various medical speciality diseases.With its distinguishing POLYCLINIC facility, one can choose their mode of treatment; either from the Department of Homeopathy or from the Department of Internal Medicine.


Dr. Anand Kumar as a medical consultant uses his own Clinical experiences along with latest medical updates and references from the archived data of case studies to provide treatment with a broader vision and expertise.

The O.P.D patients with multiple organ system involvement have the facility of getting admission to our Sadashaya Super Speciality Hospital. Dr. Anand Kumar as a medical consultant, provides highest standard of medical care to these critical patients. The Sadashaya Super Speciality Hospital at Gorakhpur is the massive and innovative Dream Project of its founder Dr. Sohan Lal. 

Dr. Sohan Lal clinic provides the facility of all investigations required for Diagnostic Treatment.

In Dr. Sohan Lal clinic, the Department of Pharmacy has wide range of medicines for the Department of Homeopathy and for the Department of Internal Medicine. The pharmacy delivers genuine, authentic, top quality medicines to our O.P.D. patients and also for online medicine orders. 

 Dr. Sohan Lal Clinic provides Holistic Quality Treatment with its POLYCLINIC facility and its other medical services.



Dr. Anand Kumar is committed to provide the best treatment to his patients irrespective of disease complexity or severity. As a medical consultant, he has a vast clinical experience in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of various medical specialities that are as follows:-

  1. HAEMTOLOGY:  deals with various conditions like anemia, leukemia, and lymphoma.
  2. PULMONOLOGY: deals with the medical conditions related to the respiratory   treat. Some pulmonological diseases are asthana, tuberaelous, COPS, pneumonia.
  3. NEUROLOGY: deals with medical the medical conditions of central neurons system, the brain and spinal coud. Associated disease like stroke, spondylosis, (cervical lumbar) prolapse disc, (PIVS), sciatica, spinal coud compressions, migraine and polynenropathies.
  4. HEPATO – BILIARY: deals with disease of liver, pancreas, gall bladder and biliary tree. Conditions that are treated are hepataties, pancreatitis, cirrhosis and liver failure.
  5. CARDIOLOGY: deals with the disorders related to the treat. Some common conditions include congenital heart diseases and valvular heart diseases.
  6. GASTROENTEROLOGY: deals with diseases of the gastro intestinal treat. Some conditions that are treated are gastritis, acid peptic disease (APD) inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), constipation and haemorrids.
  7. RHEUMATOLOGY: refers to disease of bones, joints and connective to issue that include rheumatoid arthritis, spondyloarthropathies, and gont.
  8. NEPHROLOGY: deals with the disease of kidneys. Nephological conditions include kidney ureter bladder (KUB) stones, nephritis, kidney stones failure, chronic kidney diseases.
  9. Infection disease refers to the diseases that are caused by organisms such as bacteria fungi and viruses. Some infectious diseases are meningitis dengue fevers, chicken pox, influenza, malaria, typhoid fevers, tuberculosis hepatitis, UTI, pneumonia.
  10. DERMATOLOGY: deals with disease related to skin, hair, and nails. Some common skin conditions are eczema, psoriasis, acne, melasma, warts & corns, vitiligo and urticaria. Some very common have conditions are hair fall / loss, alopecia premature greying of hair and dandruff.
  11. Endocrinology deals with issues related to system of glands that produce hormones like thyroid hormones and insulin.  Some common conditions include diabetes and thyroid disease.
  12. Oncology deals with targeted cancer treatments of for tongue, breast, cervix etc.
  13. ENT : deals with disease of ear, nose and throat. Ear discharge, perforation and decreased hearing are some common conditions for ear. Allergical rhinitis, nasal polyps and adenoids are common conditions for nose tonsillitis & hypertrophy of tonsils, pharyngitis hoarseness of voice are some conditions of throat.
  14. Male reproductive system deals with conditions like erectile dysfunction premature   ejaculation, loss of libido, infertility and prostate diseases.
  15. Female reproductive system deals with conditions like breast tumors, polycystic ovary syndrome (P.C.O.S), and uterine fibroid menopausal syndrome.