Dr. Sohan Lal’s visionary ideas to provide holistic quality healthcare services to the economically weaker sections of society led him to embark on an ambitious innovative project, SADASHAYA SUPER SPECIALITY HOSPITAL at Gorakhpur, in the year 1995. It was his revolutionary effort that a massive 300+ bed facility hospital, a first of its kind, is operational in the eastern part of Uttar Pradesh. This hospital is a major center for healthcare services in the vast state of Uttar Pradesh, the neighboring state of Bihar, and the neighboring country of Nepal.

Dr. Sohan Lal dedicated SADASHAYA SUPER SPECIALITY HOSPITAL to his freedom fighter father, Dr. Shiv Ratan Lal, as his tribute to him. The SADASHAYA SUPER SPECIALITY HOSPITAL at Gorakhpur is under the ownership of Sheetal Healing Enterprises Limited. Dr. Sohan Lal was the Founder and the Chairman of the company. He dedicated the company to his mother, Sheetal Devi, as his tribute to her.

Currently, Dr. Anand Kumar,  Director of Sheetal Healing Enterprises Limited, is promoting the hospital. Dr. Anand Kumar as a Consultant Physician, admits his critical patients to SADASHAYA SUPER SPECIALITY HOSPITAL, where they are provided comprehensive care with the help of emergency and critical-care departments. 

During the pandemic of COVID-19, this hospital was a dedicated COVID Hospital. The hospital has super specialty departments and an ICU of 30 beds with ventilators. It is the best healthcare facility hospital in the private sector in eastern UP.