Eastern Uttar Pradesh has been suffering from the endemic of disease which may be viral, bacterial, protozoal, fungal, or even non – infectious in etiology for many decades.

Japanese Encephalitis (JE) is a vector-borne, viral illness caused by the Japanese Encephalitis Virus. Permanent neurologic or psychiatric sequelae can occur in 30 – 50 % of those with encephalitis; hence, JE is a cause of major public concern. For the ease of diagnosis and facilitation of surveillance, the National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme uses the term Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES). The most commonly affected age group is 1 – 5 years with peak occurrence in the month of September. JE has been considered to be the leading cause of AES in Asia.

Dr. Sohan Lal laid the foundation of SADASHAYA MEDICAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE in the year 2000. His aim was the eradication of endemic diseases which had a very high case fatality rate (CFR). The objective of the  Sadashaya Medical Research Institute was to have the knowledge of epidemiological trends of AES and JE, which is of vital importance for clinicians as an aid to early diagnosis and treatment, which in turn affects the mortality and morbidity associated with the disease.

The proposed SADASHAYA MEDICAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE at Gorakhpur is the ownership of the company Sheetal Healing Enterprises Limited. Currently, Dr. Anand Kumar as the Director of the company is involved in executing the second dream project of his father Dr. Sohan Lal, as his tribute to him. He aims that the institute should have a world-class infrastructure with the latest medical technology.