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TENNIS ELBOW (Lateral epicondylitis)

Tennis elbow is an inflammatory condition of the common extensor origin over the lateral epicondyle. This condition does not affect tennis players only. It often follows an injury or sudden contraction of the common extensor origin. The exact etiology is not known. It may be a partial tear of the fibres of origin of the extensor muscles or an inflammation of rheumatoid origin.

The patient is usually an adult complaining of pain in the lateral aspect of the elbow. The patient feels a sense of weakness when lifting even small objects. There is localised tenderness over the lateral epicondyle. The movements of the elbow and radioulnar joints are normal.

Test- Ask the patient to keep the elbow, wrist and fingers in full flexion and the forearm in full pronation. Jerky extension of the elbow causes marked pain at the lateral epicondyle. Radiograph of the elbow is normal.

Rest to the elbow is very helpful. Exercise therapy is given by repeatedly doing the movements described in the test above. A course of ultrasonic therapy is given.




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