Case Studies


Pateint ID : OPD No 2877/ 5 Years/ Male

Address : Kanpur / Kanpur/ Uttar Pradesh/ India/ 208001

Occupation : Student

Patient Category : New

Patient Presentation : Patient visited Dr. Sohan Lal Clinic with his uncle. He has been suffering from recurrent acute tonsillitis for the past 3+ years.

Chief Complaints : 1- Swelling in both sides of neck-which is causing difficulty in swallowing. 2- High grade fever and dry, harsh cough. Dr. Anand kumar on examination found enlarged, inflamed tonsils with thick foul smelling pus (sepsis) on both sides (left>>right). Patient is advised hot water gargle to clean the sepsis. He is put on semi-solid diet.

Family History : NIL

Treatment History : NIL

Follow up 1-Tonsil inflammation reduced 30% and no foul smell in the pus. Mild fever with moderate cough.

Follow up 2-Tonsil inflammation reduced 70% and the pus reduced by 50%. No fever with mild cough. Patient could easily swallow and he was put on normal diet.

Follow up 3-There was no inflammation in tonsils and the pus was minimum. Patient was advised to take precautions to prevent relapse of acute tonsillitis.

Follow up 4-There is no pus (sepsis) in tonsils. His treatment is revised to reduce the size to enlarged tonsils.

Follow up 5-Tonsil size reduced by 40%. He is taking precautions to prevent relapse of acute tonsillitis.

Follow up 6-Tonsil size reduced by 60%. Patient drank chilled water which could have caused a relapse but the treatment prevented it.

Follow up 7-Tonsil size reduced by 80%. Patient is responding well to his treatment.

Follow up 8-Tonsil size normal. Patient is asymptomatic.

Result : Patient achieved incredible relief. Our treatment are at the root level of disease which results in complete cure and prevents the relapse of recurrent tonsillitis.;