Case Studies


Pateint ID : ID-2677/ 56 Years/ Male

Address : Jaipur/ Jaipur/ Rajasthan/ India/ 302001

Occupation : Business

Patient Category : New

Patient Presentation : Patient contacted Dr. Sohan Lal Clinic using our online consultation facility. He is diagnosed of Vitiligo for 3 years.

Chief Complaints : 1- Vitiligo (depigmentation) around mouth-Patient started having small depigmented lesions around mouth which enlarged into large patches involving lower lips. Lately he noticed depigmentation spreading to upper lip. 2- Vitiligo (depigmentation) over trunk, hands and fingers. Patient is upset with the social taboos associated with Vitiligo. Dr. Anand Kumar had to council and told him to keep patience.

Family History : NIL

Treatment History : Patient informed Dr. Anand Kumar that he was first diagnosed with vitiligo at 20 years of age. Then he was successfully treated by Dr. Sohan Lal. Post relapse he has tried various treatments but is not satisfied.

Follow up 1- Status Quo. Dr. Anand Kumar advised the patient to avoid certain food items which precipitate vitiligo.

Follow up 2- Status Quo. Explanation, reassurance and encouragement.

Follow up 3-Vitiligo over upper lips reduced by 10%. The progressive spread of vitiligo over lower lips has stopped.

Follow up 4-Vitiligo over upper lips reduced by 25%. There are no new vitiligo lesions seen in any part of body.

Follow up 5-Vitiligo over upper lips reduced by 40% and over lower lips reduced by 15%.

Follow up 6-Vitiligo over upper lips reduced by 60% and over lower lips reduced by 25%.

Follow up 7-Vitiligo lesions over hands and fingers now have mild reduction.

Follow up 8-Vitiligo over upper lips reduced by 75% and over lower lips reduced by 30%.

Follow up 9-Patient is happy and satisfied with his treatment. He wants to continue the treatment for better results. His treatment is revised for vitiligo over hands and fingers.

Result : Patient achieved outstanding recovery. Our unique treatment helps to stop the progressive nature of disease and to reduce the existing vitiligo lesions. We council our patient to handle the social taboos.;

Notes : In this case, patient was earlier treated by Dr. Sohan Lal and now he is under the care of Dr.Anand Kumar. We have the trust of our patients over generations.