Case Studies


Pateint ID : 3094/ 50 Years/ Male

Address : Patna / Patna/ Bihar/ India/ 800001

Occupation : Tailor

Patient Category : New

Patient Presentation : Patient visited Dr. Sohan Lal Clinic suffering severe acute lower back pain.

Chief Complaints : 1- Lower back pain-(Lumbago) Acute, localized lower back pain in the midline which increases on movements of spine or straining (like coughing , sneezing). Pain started acutely while attempting to lift weight in bent posture.
2-Pain in both legs-Pain is shooting, burning or shock like in character and radiates to leg below. It is continuous and increases on by spinal movements and straining. Pain is associated with numbness and tingling.

Family History : NIL

Treatment History : NIL

Dr. Anand kumar examined the patient and found that he did not have any neurological deficit. He advised him to wear a lumbar-sacral belt and take absolute bed rest for 3 weeks.

Follow up 1-Lumbago has decreased by 50%. Pain in the legs decreased by 40% and was only during the day. Numbness and tingling in the legs have decreased by 70%. Dr. Anand Kumar advised him to get a CT scan of lumbar-sacral spine.

Follow up 2- CT scan showed intervertebral disc protrusion at L3-L4/ L4-L5/ L5-S1. Dr. Anand Kumar advised him to continue wearing the lumbar-sacral belt and not to lift any weight.

 Follow up 3- Lumbago has decreased by 90% and the leg pain has decreased by 80%. There was no numbness and tingling in legs. Dr. Anand Kumar allowed him to slowly resume his work.

Follow up 4- Patient was asymptomatic and was leading a normal life. He experienced a fast relief in his severe acute lower back pain.

Result : Patient achieved outstanding recovery. Precautions and instructions also helped in speedy recovery.;