Case Studies


Pateint ID : 5394/ 30 Years/ Male

Address : Varanasi/ Varanasi/ Uttar Pradesh/ India/ 212011

Occupation : Mechanical Engineer

Patient Category : New

Patient Presentation : Patient contacted Dr.Sohan Lal Clinic and informed Dr. Anand Kumar that is having chronic constipation for 2+ years. He is referred by one of our happy patients who assured him positive results.

Chief Complaints : Duration of illness-Severe for at least 12 weeks with onset > 6 months. 1- Straining during >25% of defecations 2- Lumpy or hard stools in at least 25% of defecations 3- Sensation of incomplete evacuation for at least 25% of defecations 4- Sensation of anorectal obstruction or blockade for at least 25% of defecations 5- Digital evacuation to facilitate 25% of defecations 6- Fewer than three defecations per week

Family History : NIL

Treatment History : He is not satisfied with his previous treatments.

Follow up 1- Status Quo. Dr. Anand kumar advised him to correct his faulty habits.

Follow up 2- Patient is depressed. Dr. Anand Kumar told him to be positive in life as depression causes constipation.

Follow up 3- Dr. Anand Kumar had to explain, reassure and encourage the patient. He added the following non-pharmacologic treatment for better results.

• Maintain a diary for stool frequency, consistency, size and degree of straining. Many patients incorrectly believe that they need to have a bowel movement every day.

• Patients should be educated on recognising and responding to the urge to defecate.

• Patients should be encouraged to attempt defecation first thing in the morning, when the bowel is more active and 30 minutes after meals to take advantage of the gastrocolic reflex.

• Patients should be encouraged to increase their intake of fibre-rich foods such as bran, fruits, vegetables and nuts.

• Adequate hydration

• Patients should be encouraged to be as physically active as possible

Follow up 4-Straining during 40% of defection. Hard stools 50% of defecations.

Follow up 5-Dr.Anand kumar asked the patient to strictly follow the non-pharmacologic treatment.

Follow up 6-Bowel movements four times a week. Digital evacuation to facilitate 10% of defecations.

Follow up 7-Bowel movements eight times a week. Straining during 10% of defections.

Follow up 8-Bowel movements twelve times a week. Semi- hard stools in 10% of defecation

Follow up 9-Bowel movements twenty times a week. No straining and complete evacuation in defecation.

Follow up 10-Bowel movements further improving. Patient is happy and satisfied. He wants to continue the treatment for better results.



Result : Result-Patient achieved remarkable relief. Dr. Anand kumar's research based non-pharmacologic treatment were of great help to the patient.;