Case Studies


Pateint ID : OPD No. 4099/ 6 Years/ Female

Address : Patna/ Patna/ Bihar/ India/ 800001

Occupation : Student

Patient Category : New

Patient Presentation : Patient visited Dr. Sohan Lal Clinic with her parents. She is referred by her aunt, whose son was cured of pneumonia from our treatment.

Chief Complaints : 1- Cough is initially short, painful and dry, but soon becomes productive. 2-Sputum is characteristically rust-coloured (‘rusty’ sputum), but occasionally frankly blood-stained. 3-Breathing is rapid, and shallow. Dr. Anand kumar examined the patient and found that she is not seriously ill. She has diminished respiratory movements and high pitched breathing. There is localised chest pain.

Family History : NIL

Treatment History : Onset is often sudden with fever, chills and rigors. Convulsion may occur. Fever is usually high-grade. Skin is hot and dry with a flushed face. Often the patient gets seriously ill and has to be admitted in hospital emergency.

Follow up 1-Chest pain decreased 50%. The respiratory movements and the breathing are improving. Chest X- ray is advised.

Follow up 2-No chest pain. Respiratory movements and breathing are normal. Cough had decreased 50% and the quantity of rusty sputum has decreased 40-50%. Chest X- ray shows a homogeneous opacity localised in the lower lobe of right lung.

Follow up 3-Cough has decreased 70%. Sputum is occasionally rusty and its quantity has decreased to 70-80%.

Follow up 4-Cough had decreased 90%. Minimum quantity of white sputum. A repeat chest X- ray is advised.

Follow up 5-Patient is asymptomatic. Chest X- ray is normal.

Result : Patient achieved remarkable recovery. Our treatment helps to increase the immunity which prevents recurrent attacks of pneumonia.;