Case Studies


Pateint ID : No 2455/ 28 years/ Male/ 28 Years/ Male

Address : Delhi NCR/ New Delhi/ Delhi/ India/ 1111

Occupation : A software engineer working in USA.

Patient Category : New

Patient Presentation : Patient visited Dr. Sohan Lal Clinic and informed Dr. Anand Kumar that he was engaged and his marriage was scheduled in few months.

Chief Complaints : 1-Excessivehair fall- Initially there was hair fall in small patches which was unnoticeable. Soon these patches connected and became noticeable. On examination Dr. Anand Kumar noticed that hair texture was thin and weak. There was hair fall even on a gentle touch and on combing. His hair line had receded considerably. Patient was worried as his marriage is scheduled

Family History : NIL

Treatment History : NIL

Follow up 1- Dr. Anand kumar prescribed a specific diet for nourishment of hair follicles. He advised a gentle touch while bathing, drying, and combing.

Follow up 2-No significant changes. Patient is unhappy.

Follow up 3- Explanation, reassurance, and encouragement. Dr. Anand Kumar assured the patient that patience would be the key to success.

Follow up 4-Patient noticed that there is less hair fall while sleeping.

Follow up 5-Dr. Anand Kumar explained the positive results of treatment. He again reassured and encouraged the patient.

Follow up 6-Patient noticed that there is less hair fall while bathing.

Follow up 7-Patient is now hopeful to get positive results.

Follow up 8-Patient noticed that his hair line has stopped receding.

Follow up 9-Patient informed that hair fall is minimum. His treatment was revised to help hair growth over the lost areas.

Follow up 10-Patient is responding well to his treatment. Few new small hair follicles were noticed over the lost areas. Patient is happy and satisfied.

Result : Patient achieved outstanding recovery. Our expertise treatment will prevent hair fall & promote new healthy, strong hair. Our treatment success rate is 80-90%.;