Case Studies


Pateint ID : OPD No. 2478/35 years/Male/ 35 Years/ Male

Address : Gaya/ Gaya/ Bihar/ India/ 823001

Occupation : Telecom Sector

Patient Category : New

Patient Presentation : Patient visited Dr. Sohan Lal Clinic as he was diagnosed allergic rhinitis for the past 2+ year.

Chief Complaints : 1- Sudden episodes of continuous violent sneezing with profuse nasal discharge. This is followed by blockage of both nostrils which lead to suffocation. There is intense itching within the nose. These episodes may be spontaneous in onset or triggered by external allergens like house dust, pollen, cold air, tobacco smoke or respiratory viral infections. Such attacks may be mild or severe and may last for hours, days or even weeks. These episodes have asymptomatic intervening periods. 2-Sudden onset of wheeze and breathlessness.

Family History : Mother is a bronchial asthma patient.

Treatment History : He has tried multiple therapies but is not satisfied.

Follow up 1-Dr. Anand Kumar advised him to avoid allergens and to start steam inhalation.

Follow up 2-There is no wheeze and breathlessness. On auscultation, Dr. Anand kumar found that his chest was clear.

Follow up 3-Sneezing and nasal discharge have decreased 40%. Nasal blockage is less and there is no feeling of suffocation. There is mild itching within the nose.

Follow up 4-Sneezing and nasal discharge have decreased 70%.

Follow up 5- Patient gets exposed to house dust and suffers sudden onset of sneezing and nasal discharge. This attack was moderate and lasted for few hours. There was no wheeze and breathlessness.

Follow up 6-Sneezing and nasal discharge have decreased 90%. There is no nasal blockage or nasal itching.

Follow up 7- Patient is asymptomatic. He is advised to continue steam inhalation.

Result : Patient achieved remarkable relief. Our treatment helps in building strong immunity to overcome allergic conditions.;