Case Studies


Pateint ID : 3687/ 20 Years/ Male

Address : Janakpur/ Janakpur/ Janakpur/ Nepal/ 45600

Occupation : PG student

Patient Category : New

Patient Presentation : Patient visited Dr. Sohan Lal Clinic and informed Dr. Anand Kumar that he was training to join the armed forces. Soon he is scheduled for his physical examination test. He is very worried as he is unfit to take the physical examination test.

Chief Complaints : 1- Lower back pain-(Lumbago) Acute, localized lower back pain in the midline which increases on movements of spine or straining (like coughing, sneezing). Pain started acutely while attempting to lift weight in bent posture.
2-Pain in both legs-Pain is shooting, burning or shock like in character and radiates to leg below. It is continuous and increases on by spinal movements and straining. Pain is associated with numbness and tingling.

Family History : N/A

Treatment History : N/A

Dr. Anand kumar examined the patient and noticed that direct pressure over lumbar spine increased the pain. He advised the patient to wear a lumbar-sacral belt during the day.

Follow up 1-Lumbar and cervical pain were less 10% and the morning stiffness had reduced.

Follow up 2- 30% relief in lumbar and cervical pain. Mild morning stiffness. There was less restriction of movements of lumbar spine. The forward stooping of neck had improved.

Follow up 3- Patient is responding well to his treatment. He was advised for HLA-B27 antigen test.

Follow up 4- HLA-B27 antigen test was positive. Dr. Anand Kumar diagnosed that the patient is suffering from ankylosing spondylitis  effecting his lumbar spine and sacroiliac joints. 

Follow up 5-50% relief in all symptoms. There was no forward stooping of neck.

Follow up 6-80% relief in lumbar pain with no morning stiffness. Patient had mild restriction of movements of lumbar spine. He did not have any cervical pain.

Follow up 7- Patient asymptomatic. Dr. Anand kumar advised him regular exercises for his lumbar and cervical spine.

Result : Patient achieved incredible relief. We expertise in delivering target oriented results. In this case, the young trainee passed his physical examination test of armed forces as he was pain free.;

Notes : N/A