Case Studies


Pateint ID : 3556/ 38 years/ Male/ 38 Years/ Male

Address : Prayagraj/ Allahabad/ Uttar Pradesh/ India/ 2980

Occupation : Lawyer in High court

Patient Category : New

Patient Presentation : Patient was referred to Dr.Sohan Lal Clinic by his senior lawyer.

Chief Complaints : 1- Recurrent warts around neck, under arms (axillary region) and over back. On examination, Dr.Anand Kumar noticed firm, irregular papules (warts) of various shape, size and number around neck, axilla and back. There was one large wart in the right axilla and one around right side of neck.

Family History : NIL

Treatment History : Removal of warts 3 times.

Follow up 1- Patient had multiple warts over his body thus pictures were taken to mark his current status of warts.

Follow up 2- Patient informed that he did not notice any new wart growth.

Follow up 3-The large size warts decreased by 25%.

Follow up 4- The medium size warts is on decline.

Follow up 5- The small size warts are further reducing. Pictures were taken to mark his current status of warts.

Follow up 6-The large size warts decreased by 50%.

Follow up 7- Patient is responding well to his treatment. The comparative study of pictures showed reduction in the size and numbers of warts.

Follow up 8-The large warts decreased by 75%.

Follow up 9-The large size warts decreased by 90%. There are some very small sizes warts seen.

Follow up 10- There are no warts seen and the patient is happy and satisfied.

Result : Patient achieved outstanding recovery. Our expertise treatment will completely reduce all sizes of warts from the root level and will also prevent recurrent formation of warts;