Case Studies


Pateint ID : 4867/ 65 Years/ Female

Address : Lucknow/ Lucknow/ Uttar Pradesh/ India/ 2534

Occupation : Retired bank manager.

Patient Category : Referal

Patient Presentation : Patient is referred by her daughter.

Chief Complaints : 1-Recurrent multiple hard swellings on her right sole which were very painful on stepping.
Dr. Anand kumar diagnosed that the hard swellings on her sole are corns. There is one large size corn which is painful. There are three medium to small size corns.

Family History : NIL

Treatment History : Surgical removal of right sole corns twice.

Follow up 1-30% decrease in size of the large corn under the right sole.

Follow up 2-50% decrease in the size of the large corn. She has mild pain but could walk.

Follow up 3-75% decrease in the size of the large corn. No pain on walking.

Follow up 4-The large corn has considerably reduced in size. The three medium to small size corns have dissolved.

Follow up 4- The large corn on her right sole has dissolved completely.

Result : Patient achieved outstanding relief. Our treatment will completely dissolve all the corns from the root level and also stop the tendency of recurrent corn formation.;