Case Studies


Pateint ID : OPD No 3566 / 65 Years/ Male

Address : Gorakhpur/ Uttar Pradesh/ India/ Gorakhpur/ Uttar Pradesh/ India/ 273001

Occupation : Indian Air Force (Retired)

Patient Category : New

Patient Presentation : Patient presented with acute retention of urine. Dr. Anand Kumar immediately shifted the patient to the emergency room and on examination he noticed severe distension of the urinary bladder. Under aseptic condition, he put in a urine catheter to relieve the retention of urine. Around 600 ml urine was collected in the urine bag. He advised the patient for an ultrasound test for kidney, ureter & bladder (KUB).

Chief Complaints : Acute retention of urine

Family History : NIL

Treatment History : NIL

Follow up 1- The ultrasound report indicated benign prostatic hypertrophy. Prostate gland is enlarged in size with increase in weight. There is significant amount of post voiding residual (PVR) of urine.

Follow up 2- Catheter in situ. Patient is passing urine freely with the help of catheter.

Follow up 3- Dr. Anand Kumar under aseptic conditions removed his urine catheter. He asked the patient drink water and wait in the observation room. After about 30 minutes, patient freely passed 250 ml of urine, without any retention.

Follow up 4- Patient did not experience urinary retention and was passing urine freely. Patient is instructed to immediately inform in case of urinary retention.

Follow up 5-Patient complains of thin stream with poor flow of urine. He has increased frequency for urination at nights which disturbs his sleep. His treatment is revised.

Follow up 6- The stream and flow of urine is better. There is reduction in the frequency for urination at nights and his sleep is not disturbed.

Follow up 7- Patient is asymptomatic and is responding well to his homeopathic treatment. Dr. Anand Kumar advised him to repeat the ultrasound test for KUB region.

Follow up 8-Ultrasound report of KUB indicates that the size and weight of prostate gland is within normal limits. There is no post voiding residual of urine.

Result : Patient achieved incredible relief. Patient soon had a free flow of urine, without the catheter. Our expertise treatment will reduce the size and weight of the enlarged prostate gland. There will be no PVR of urine. ;