Case Studies


Pateint ID : OPD No.2895/ 35 Years/ Male

Address : Siwan/ Siwan/ Bihar/ India/ 841232

Occupation : Businessman

Patient Category : New

Patient Presentation : An obese patient visited Dr. Sohan Lal Clinic for treatment of his chronic prolapsed piles.

Chief Complaints : 1-Pain with swelling over rectum- Acute pain with swelling over rectum which increases on passing stools. Haemorrhoids (piles) were bulging out of anus (prolapsed). 2-Bleeding per rectum- Fresh bleed on passing stools. 3-Dry, hard stools- He had to sit for long periods and has to strain to pass stool. His stools are dry, hard and difficult to evacuate. Dr. Anand Kumar preformed a digital rectal examination and noticed hard lumps near the anus which are tender. He gently pushed back the bulging (prolapsed) haemorrhoids. He advised the patient to have high fibre food diet and to drink good quantity of water to relive his constipation.

Family History : NIL

Treatment History : NIL

Follow up 1-Pain and swelling over rectum had reduced by 50%. There is no bleeding per rectum. Dr. Anand Kumar asked the patient to correct his sedentary life style.

Follow up 2-Pain and swelling over rectum reduced by 70%. There is no prolapse of haemorrhoids. He took less time and less straining to pass stool.

Follow up 3-Pain and swelling over rectum reduced considerably. Early morning stools were hard followed by soft stool. He is advised weight reduction and to further improve his life style.

Follow up 4-Patient did not have any pain and swelling over rectum. His stools are semi hard.

Follow up 5-Patient taking normal time and no straining to pass stool. His stools are soft and are easily evacuated.

Result : Patient achieved outstanding relief. We have an expertise in treating chronic hemorrhoids with bleeding per rectum.;