Case Studies


Pateint ID : ID-3586/ 35 Years/ Female

Address : Pokhra / Pokhara/ Gandaki/ Nepal/ 33700

Occupation : Teacher

Patient Category : New

Patient Presentation : Patient developed severe breathlessness in the OPD. Dr. Anand Kumar immediately shifted the patient to the observation room and treated her with high flow oxygen and bronchodilator therapy by nebulizer to relieve her breathlessness. Patient became stable soon.

Chief Complaints : 1- She has episodes of sudden onset of breathlessness with wheezing in the chest. These episodes were spontaneous in onset and were triggered when she was exposed to house dust, cold air, or had a running nose or sneezing. These attacks would be mild to severe and would last for hours, days, or even weeks. 2-She experienced repeated life-threatening attacks of severe breathlessness with dry cough. Her condition would become critical, and she had to be admitted in an emergency. (status asthmaticus) 3-She has developed a chronic cough with mucoid sputum, which is purulent and difficult to expel.

Family History : Her mother was a chronic bronchial asthma patient and was treated by Dr. Sohan Lal.

Treatment History : She is on inhalers for 5 years.

Follow-up 1- Patient said that she did not experience any life-threatening asthmatic attacks and had less wheezing in her chest. Her cough was moderate, and she could expel the sputum. Her dependency on inhalers had reduced. Dr. Anand Kumar on auscultation found scattered rhonchi throughout her chest. She is advised to get a chest X-ray done.

Follow up 2-One day, she got exposed to cold air and developed a running nose with sneezing. Her breathlessness worsened, and the wheezing increased. She used the inhaler SOS and increased the frequency of her medicines. Soon her breathlessness improved, and wheezing had decreased. She did not suffer a severe acute asthmatic attack.

Follow up 3-Her chest X-ray showed complications of bronchial asthma thus her treatment was revised. The patient was now leading a normal life and she had stopped taking inhalers as there were no severe acute asthmatic attacks.

Follow up 4-She informed that her breathlessness and wheezing had improved 50%. She had a mild cough and less amount mucoid sputum. The patient has a big faith in her treatment.

Follow up 5-In the rainy season, the patient again suffered a severe acute asthmatic attack, and this time her life-threatening breathlessness improved on increasing the frequency of homeopathic medicines, without the use of inhalers.

Follow-up 6-Patient is now leading a normal life and her body resistance to allergens causing asthmatic attacks has increased. She could now drink cold water and eat an ice-cream. She became irregular in her treatment and discontinued it.

Follow up 7-Patient develops mild breathlessness and wheezing. She visits Dr. Sohan Lal Clinic to restart her treatment.

Follow up 8-Patient is on regular treatment and is asymptomatic.

Result : Patient achieved remarkable relief. Our treatment improves the condition by restoring the immunity of the individual to normalcy.;

Notes : In this case, the patient’s mother was treated by Dr. Sohan Lal and now the patient is under the care of Dr. Anand Kumar. We have the trust of our patients over generations.